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Education & Training

be prepared to become a transformational teacher by learning what works in the classroom, interacting with students and creating tools for student success.

If you like working with kids, CAPS Education is for you! You will get to explore a variety of fields in education and training and work with a wide array of children and youth of different ages.

When they aren't out working in schools and other educational settings, CAPS Education Associates meet on UNI's campus in the historic and newly renovated Schindler Education Center.

Our ‘clients’ are primarily teachers in our community schools. While we do group and individual projects for clients of the Cedar Valley, our main focus is giving you experience in various fields in education to see if it’s a fit for you.

Check out our testimonial video to see some highlights. Associates have the ability to make a positive difference in lives of children and adults in our community while also gaining hands-on, real-world, experience in a field they are interested in. It's a Win-Win!

Associates exit the program with enhanced professional skills like self-confidence, time management and problem solving.  They leave with a better understanding of the teaching profession and have a better idea if it is the right fit for them. In addition to all the great benefits, associates leave with college credit and an ability to waive their Level 1 requirement at UNI.


Course Number: 507
Department: CAPS
Building(s): High School
Grade(s): 11, 12
Length: Semester
Pre-Requisites: Department Approval, Good attendance record and academic standing

The Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) Education Experience is for students who are interested in exploring teacher education as a profession.Students in this profession-based learning program will be participating in field experiences, mentorships, and networking. Students will be immersed in practices of educational technology and will incorporate 21st century skills into every aspect of observation and coursework. Students will study educational pedagogy as the basis for the profession and will experience the true essence of the teacher‐classroom experience. CAPS Education is a hands-on learning opportunity to explore the teaching profession, develop insight and knowledge of the field of K-12 education, and experience first-hand what a teacher’s day-to-day work involves. Students will be placed in classrooms throughout the school district to observe and work with students in a variety of capacities. This program will immerse junior and senior level students in a project‐centered field of study in the area of teacher education.

Essential Skills and Concepts for the Course

STANDARD 1: The associate will demonstrate servant leadership in a service-based profession.

STANDARD 2: The associate will academically prepare beyond GPA and test scores.

STANDARD 3: The associate will demonstrate an awareness of education careers.

STANDARD 4: The associate will understand and develop technical skills related to education.

STANDARD 5: The associate will understand and demonstrate professional skills (i.e. 21st Century Skills).


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