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Medical & Health Services


Instructor: Dr. Alba L. Aguillon
Email: alba.aguillon@cfschools.org
Office: Allen College - Alumni Building

Exploration of Health Sciences and Medicine is a scientific, inquiry based experience to advance the student’s understanding of patient care, human physiology, disease process, research and ethics. The goal is to develop the students’ comfort in the role of a health professional and to develop skills in doctor/nurse patient relationships, medical diagnosing, health sciences research, and professional settings.

In addition to gaining some basic clinical skills, students will also receive advanced instruction from medical experts gaining medical skills to help further their understanding of medical diagnosing and treatment protocols for the patient. Students will be exposed to a variety of health science and medical professions to evaluate their own talents, interests and qualities, allowing them to learn by solving real-world problems, to see the advancements and limitations of medicine and health careers along with the various skills used by scientific professionals.

There are opportunities for students to gain first-hand knowledge of the health professional’s specific role within healthcare. During clinical experiences, each student will be exposed to different specialties and departments in order to build his or her basic clinical foundation. Students may not have direct hands-on contact with patients during all their experiences. Clinical experiences can also be health science research based.

There are fall semester and spring semester classes. Allen College (Alumni Hall) will be the “home base” for the class, but there will be many other places of instruction with the business partners and any identified mentors. The class will take place Monday - Friday for three class periods for one semester.

Who are CF CAPS Medical & Health Science student-associates?
CF CAPS student-associates are junior and senior status from the Cedar Fall High School, plus Waterloo High Schools. At this time, most students express a desire to enter the health science and medicine field and some are totally undecided within that scope. This program is based on scientific inquiry, creative problem solving, and practicum-based assessments. Learning will occur through real world experiences in a professional setting and projects designed by business professionals in the health science arena.

Strand Advisory Team
Connie Hix, Human Resources, Cedar Valley Medical Specialists
Cheryl Mahoney, Clinical Nursing Specialists, UnityPoint Health
Amanda McCormack, Human Resources, Western Home Communities
Jared Seliger, President, Allen College
Amy Streeter, Human Resources, VGM Group
Debbie Tyler, Human Resources, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - Iowa



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