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Robotics & Engineering

Are you interested in engineering, technology or manufacturing? Do you want to explore careers in any field including environmental science and community planning? In this strand you will use your knowledge and skills to create solutions to world problems.

Welcome to the strand “Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology”, or MET. Here you will have the opportunity to explore careers in engineering or other fields, but more importantly develop professional skills that can be transferred to any career path, including time management, project management, teamwork, communication skills and problem solving. A large portion of the time spent at CAPS is dedicated to complete REAL projects for REAL clients.

Our host site is Viking Pump, located in downtown Cedar Falls. Viking Pump has a long history in the Cedar Valley and is part of the IDEX Corporation, which employs over 7,000 people in more than 20 countries. Because of this, the student associates that come to Viking Pump have the opportunity to make connections that could help them in the future to start a career in many different fields and geographical locations. Viking Pump is an excellent host site to explore careers in manufacturing, engineering and technology, as they are one of the largest manufacturers in the Cedar Valley, with an excellent engineering team with cutting edge technology. Watch this video about our partnership.

Besides working at Viking Pump (and doing projects with them), our student associates have the opportunity to work with diverse clients in the Cedar Valley. They also have the opportunity to learn how to use any of the equipment available at the Cedar Valley Makers, and to work on hands on projects using the Makerspace.

A highlight from this past year is how several of our alumni have been hired for professional internships, received college scholarships and been accepted to their college of choice, all due to their CAPS experiences. To see the testimony of some of our associates, watch this video.

We hope that you can join us at CAPS, either as an associate, mentor or client. Please contact us if you have any questions about our program! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, to see what we are doing!


Course Description
Course Number: 500
Department: CAPS
Building(s): High School
Grade(s): 11, 12
Length: Semester
Pre-Requisites: Department approval, good attendance record and academic standing

The Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) Technology and Engineering course is for students who are interested in a combination of science and engineering fundamentals, technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Associates (students) use technical knowledge to create solutions to real problems. The class will include a broad introduction college and career readiness and employability skills. Associates will also learn the essential components of Technology and Engineering including design processes through the completion of client's projects. All associates will have hands-on, active learning opportunities with a full immersion in real-world projects developed in conjunction with local business partners. This course will be a 3-period block, with instruction taking place at Viking Pump. Successful completion of this course will also earn associates 3 college credits from Hawkeye Community College.

Essential Skills and Concepts for the Course

1. The student will learn how to provide value to clients, to their community and to their team members.
2. The student will learn how to manage their time, how lo look for and how to respond to feedback.
3.The student will demonstrate an awareness of different careers of their interest, and will identify careers that align with their interests, personalities and life/career goals.
4. The student will develop technical skills that are required for completing their projects, or technical skills that they are interested in learning.
5. The student will demonstrate and improve on their professional skills, including communication skills, conflict resolution skills, time management skills, critical thinking and team working skills.

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