Good morning Ethan.
I’ve done a lot of thinking and I wanted to share with you what I came up with. It’s very interesting because Hunter started this year absolutely hating school. When I say hating school, I mean with all of his heart. This child doesn’t have friends. He does not have a close peer group. He doesn’t have confidence. He’s super intelligent and hates to do homework and all he wanted was to graduate. He signed up for the CAPS program and I’ve seen something different in him. I’ve seen this child grow and realize how at this point in his life he HAS control and that he could take what he’s had into this point of his life and put it to work at a job that he will like.
He may not have been an ideal student for you but I’ve got to believe that he is a result that you can only dream of having. This young man is changed into a young man that cares everyday what happens. He stresses over his projects because he wants to do a good job. He put in time outside of class and work. He cares how this affects his future and that really is a first for Hunter. He cares what you think and respects you personally so much that he’s upset at the thought of offending you or not doing a good job for you. I guess what I’m trying to say is you’ve taken this child who didn’t really have a feasible goal who didn’t understand how everything he’s been through to this point fit together, and showed him what his future can be. This program has given him things to strive for and attain and showed him responsibility.
I just wanted to take a minute and tell you thank you so much for helping me mold my son into the man that he’s becoming.
Michelle Haugen